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Message From Managing Partner

Eng. Md. Musa Kalim

Managing Partner

I take this opportunity to introduce our medical center, “TL Diagnostic & Health Check-Up Center” which is fully equipped with all modern medical check-up facilities and technologies. A lot of expert labor is usually required. The need has always been greater than it is right now because of the technological revolution. The demand is expected to grow even more urgently in the coming days. Such Bangladeshi workers and job seekers are required to pass a detailed check and be given a medical fitness certificate as a condition of employment in the Gulf countries. We have medical facilities to ensure rigorous adherence to international standards in order to keep this in mind. We carefully consider if every employee working for the client company or organization is in good physical and mental health. Since then, we have offered the highest-caliber medical diagnostic services, reports, and personal care under one roof, all supplied with cutting-edge facilities. To guarantee you the best and most accurate lab test results, our professionals must demonstrate the aforementioned services very effectively and efficiently.

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